About Us

We are not simple box shifters, lets be honest there is plenty of other companies to choose for that! We care about every customer and value every purchase they make.

What we offer is:
· Your own trained advisor to guide you through product selection
· Engineer Delivery, demonstration, and tuition on your selected product *
· Telephone support
· Competitive pricing based on like for like service & support
· A family run, caring company that will take the time to listen
· A transparent returns policy (link here)

Please note, certain postcodes in the UK are not currently covered, details of areas covered can be found (here-insert link) in the event a customer has ordered and we are unable to support, we shall offer a full refund and advise them where the product can be sourced.

We look forward to seeing you either in store or at home!
Rob & Jan

With an ever growing number of products coming to the market, we understand that choosing the right product can be a daunting task.

At LMS we do things a little differently to ensure that you get the right device first time, and as such we follow a tried and tested process to guide you along the way.

Once you have contacted us or made a purchase you will be assigned your own specialist advisor. They will contact you and run through any questions you may have and briefly run through your order and using their in-depth experience advise you on its benefits and weaknesses to you.

This process is invaluable as we can often pick up on issues that you may not have envisaged, our priority is to ensure you are getting the best possible product to meet you needs. As a result, our customers get the right deal for them, and we have less returns, giving us more time to spend on the important things – YOU!

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